Cybersecurity breaches and the issue with patching; Proprietary or Open? Which is better?

Quite often, we hear cyber breach incidents that happened were due to user carelessness.  Such as indiscriminate clicking of hyperlinks in emails.

A commonly heard quandary among IT executives is probably deciding whether to adopt automatic roll-out of ‘security patches’ on software of servers and applications, which can create heavy consequences if bad things happen.

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Gary Tan
Review of SSL certs for websites

In our hyperconnected world today, cybersecurity is a universal conversation whether a user is a student or a corporate citizen.

 Many are aware of the danger, risk and vulnerability.  And as equally, many also take chances based on over 3 billion connected users in the world today, that they would not be that ‘unlucky’ to be the next victim of cybercrime.


Whichever side of cybersecurity you are at, this article aims to demystify some misconceptions about website security.

 There are many dimensions to cybersecurity, digital assets and data protection.  This post only touches on one aspect, Secure Socket Layer, more commonly known as SSL certificates.

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Gary Tan
5 Myths about moving to the Cloud

Find out the 5 Facts of the common Myths about Office 365,

  1. Office 365 is just Office tools in the cloud, and I can only use it online.

  2. If our data moves to the cloud, our organization will no longer have control over our technology.

  3. Keeping data on-premises is safer than in the cloud.

  4. I have to move everything to the cloud; it is an all-or-nothing scenario.

  5. Cloud migration is too much for my organization to handle.

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