Microsoft Teams or Slack?



Slack got into the defense of Microsoft’s newest addition to the Office 365 family, Microsoft Teams, with a full-page newspaper ad. Microsoft was indifferent to the long welcome message. Despite Slack viewing the tech giant as a primary competitor, the latter is not bothered and here’s three reasons why.

Office 365 user base as priority

Microsoft’s priority should be retaining the loyalty of its Office 365 user base. Picking out from the CEO Satya Nadella’s words on the week of the launch, the collaborative tool has an active user base of 85 million and it is definitely their intent to continue growing that base. In comparison to the Office 365 user base, rising Sillicon Valley start-up, Slack has an active user base of four million. All in all, retaining its customers is more important to Microsoft than how many people are using Slack. 

Slack is one of many competitors

Microsoft might be the primary competitor to Slack, however the latter is just one of many in the team collaboration market. There’s many other rising startups in the field; Slack is one of many. While it seems like the launch of Microsoft Team’s is specifically going head on with Slack.

Microsoft Teams is an integration


Microsoft Teams is a web based chat service that allows for optimal collaboration amongst teams, targeting at organizations and institutions where people are working in multiple projects with different people at a time. It will be integrated into the Office 365 suite. This makes it more likely for existing user base of Office 365 users to stick with Teams than have a separate software. Slack is going on a hot streak with their growing active user base. However, it is without a doubt that the streak might die down as the business mature and the market concentrates. Hence, growing the user base of Office 365 users might just be the right thought.

So, if you were at the Christmas Made Perfect with O365 & Partner Christmas Celebration event where Microsoft Teams and its counterparts Bookings and Flow was launched, what are your thoughts on the products? Do you actually feel like you want to have a go at it too??? BECAUSE I DO!



Christabel Soma