Why I Don’t Use SharePoint @WORK

Co-authors: Derick Khoo and Gary Tan

If you’re like most people, you feel like you are constantly looking for documents organizing and filing while you’re at work and you absolutely despise having to file the expenses and update the sales reports, which means you probably have used SharePoint pure vanilla flavor. It’s very monotone and has nothing to actually keep you wanting to use it making it disengaging It’s got a simple design, but that’s where the pros end. It’s just a ton of blue boxes and black font (sized at 11, get your reading glasses!).

Do you feel like you’re stuck in the Matrix in the 50’s yet? Has color been invented yet?

When I fussed and complained to my IT team that our intranet site was just so unexciting with the way it looks, they tried to dissuade me, telling me that to have a visually enhancing website you’re looking at getting a designer, a developer, and a content curator, and we haven’t even spoken about application integration. Not to mention the big hole in your IT Budget! Now that’s hard to refute.

Surely wasn’t there a smarter way of presenting complex information in a simple way in this day and age of technology? Luckily few weeks later my tech geek friend introduced me to this cool tool called Livetiles on Microsoft SharePoint Office 365. It comes pretty close to the expectation I have on how our company intranet site should look like. It seems to join the dots for business users like me who like information to be visually intuitive, Getting beyond table and charts but having a creative freedom to choose howmy dashboards look, presenting data on performance measurement against the sales goals and not to mention an easier way of filing my expenses. Bonus, you also will be able to see all of your schedules, tasks, and even social feed on one page! Convenience all in one page!

When I introduced it to my IT team they just loved it. The preconfigured drag and drop functionality lets them build fully-functioning sites or pages in just minutes and update layouts in 1-2 clicks. The team was able to build fully-functional pages in minutes instead of having to take hours just to code a few things. It has never been easier to design and deploy digital experiences in SharePoint, Office 365.

I can proudly say that Office 365 SharePoint online has today empowered many individuals, and teams in my organizations to intelligently discover,create share, and collaborate documents  and keeps everyone organized and up-to-date with shared notebooks. We have said good bye to big email attachments being sent constantly after every review and The USB Memory Stick Is facing extinction thanks to Office 365.