My Two Cents: How Cloud Technology is Shaping SMBs Productivity?

Author: Michelle Kuan

Came across a post by Shraddha Tewari on how Cloud technology can rapidly improve the productivity of SMBs and couldn't agree more with her points.

How Cloud Technology is shaping SMBs Productivity,  Creately

How Cloud Technology is shaping SMBs Productivity, Creately

She summed it up neatly into four broad value propositions, which is why I advocate a cloud-first stance for all small medium businesses out there.

The capabilities of cloud computing has brought a paradigm shift in IT functionality of businesses.
Recent research on SMB cloud computing adoption, forecasts and market estimates have revealed that U.S. SMB cloud computing & services market will grow from $43B in 2015 to $55B in 2016.Re
— Shraddha Tewari, for Creately

Even if I visualized the worst case scenarios, cloud computing would still save the day: 

1. Improved collaboration

I wake up, completely hung over and have no recollection of what I did or where I am, AND I have a business call with a potential investor in 5 minutes. Because of cloud computing, I can easily pull out my phone, access the email thread from Outlook and present it on my Skype For Business call. #problemsolved

2. Lowered administrative costs

I'm on the Internet and suddenly see my business' financial records floating on the interweb. WHO POSTED IT. I whip out my device, log on to a cloud mobile device management tool like Intune and the dashboard immediately shows me who shared that rights managed file out. With simple admin processes, you spend less time and money getting the #problemsolved

3. Secure and limitless file sharing

You're deep in conversation with a huge investor. And the dealbreaker is, 'tell me your product sales records for every month, in the past 10 years. You should have it at the tip of your fingers.' You coolly reply, 'In a way, it's at my fingertips,' and pull the monstrously huge file from the 1TB of OneDrive from the app on your phone. #problemsolved

To sum up, SMBs need to see the Cloud as a solution and not merely as an optional benefit.