10 Ways Outlook Beats Gmail


When Gmail launched in 2004, many felt that its lightweight look and filter functions made it a superior product to other email clients of the time like Hotmail and Yahoo. Fast-forward to now and Gmail is still very popular with over 1 billion monthly active users. However, I believe that Outlook has caught up and passed Gmail in many ways. I've come up with 10 ways the free version of Outlook beats Gmail. If you have Office 365 the advantages of Outlook grow even more.

1. Storage and Attachments

Gmail users only have 15GB to store email, attachments etc. Outlook users get 1TB of storage, more than 50 times as much as Gmail. Outlook has a 100MB limit on attachments and will automatically upload larger files to the cloud and include a link for the recipient. This makes it super easy to send large files without going back and forth to multiple applications.

2. Writing a New Email

When you start a new email in Outlook you get a clean interface in a new window. In Gmail there is a small pop-up box that shows over your inbox. While this may not bother everyone, I prefer being able to concentrate on writing my new email without distractions.

[Microsoft’s] Outlook app for iOS and Android is the best mobile email app, no matter what phone you’re using. It’s better than Mail, better than Gmail.

3. Mobile App

The Gmail app is okay, but even Google realized recently they needed to improve their mobile experience, demonstrated by the release of a whole new app called Inbox. The Outlook app is still just an email app, but it handles everything quickly. The interface is clean and intuitive. I love using it so much I have started having all my Gmail emails sent to my Outlook address.

4. Email Preview

With Outlook you can preview every email on the right side of the window, without ever opening it. I love this set-up because it saves me tons of clicks, I can take action on every email right from my inbox. With Gmail you get a small snippet preview in your inbox. While this is okay if you can tell if you want to delete the email, but if you want to reply, you'll have to open the email first.

5. Social Media Integration

Outlook integrates directly with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can view, comment and like any contact's posts right from Outlook. While this isn't a make or break feature, it's a nice little integration that brings more aspects of your digital life into one place.

6. Video/Calling

Skype is integrated right into Outlook. You can call, chat, or video conference with your contacts simply and easily. Although Gmail is connected to hangouts, hardly anyone I know uses it, whereas almost all my family and friends use Skype. Being able to use Skype from Outlook is a great perk.

7. Unwanted Emails

Gmail uses a filtering system that you can set up to move emails from a specific sender to your trash before they get to your inbox. Outlook has a great feature that is way easier to set up and blocks senders completely. All you have to do is set an email address or domain name under the "Sweep" feature and all future emails will be blocks.

8. Unsubscribe

Along the same lines, Outlook has an awesome feature that allows you to unsubscribe from one or multiple newsletters at the same time. All you have to do is go to the Newsletters section and select the emails you want to unsubscribe. If you were using Gmail you would have to open each email individually and then go to the sender's email platform or website to get off the list.

9. Ad Tracking

As you may know, Google keeps track of the contents of all your emails and send the info to advertisers so they can show you ads that may be relevant to you. I don't know about you, but I'm much more comfortable with Microsoft's policy of keeping the contents of all emails private.

10. Office Integration

Outlook integrates directly with all Office applications with side-by-side editing. That’s right, you can edit Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files directly from the Outlook email page! This is full editing and saving functions, not just notes or annotations. If you’re someone like me who collaborates with a lot of other parties, this feature is a huge time saver.

If you haven’t checked out Microsoft email since Hotmail or that old version of Outlook you use at work, be sure to try the new Office 365 Outlook and Outlook.com Powered by Office 365. Microsoft has stepped up their game big time, once I started using Outlook, I haven’t missed any features from Gmail.