Vintage gadgets to refuse

Alarm Clocks, Video Cameras and Flashlights - we’ve all heard the end of heydays for these three gadgets thanks to the explosion of the Smart Phone.

Cracking my brain here’s a docket of other outdated gizmo’s most commonly used at work few years ago. Let’s see if you identify yourself with any of them? Floppy disk, dial up internet, punch calculator, analog audio/video phones, fax machine, dot-matrix printers ,Overhead projector, usb memory stick, any more to add the list ? With all the modern technology that’s available to us it’s easy to forget some of the older devices that were used many moons ago but have now become obsolete.

Let’s take a closer look on what’s replacing the communication & collaboration tools we once used in Office a decade or two ago?


Floppy disks are a relic of the 1980s. Then it was CD-roms, flash drive and now USB sticks. While USB sticks are useful for two things: Storing files temporarily, it’s fairly cumbersome when you use your computer's file manager, to drop a file on your USB stick then you pop it in the new computer and access it and share with another computer user. Not to mention losing the stick which potentially may have classified information which you did not encrypt.

Today cloud storage solutions like Office 365 Onedrive for business helps you store, share and secure confidential information which can be accessed anywhere you need. It offers a whopping 1 TB of space in the cloud which can be private unless you decide to share them. You can easily share a file with everyone in your organization by placing it in the shared with everyone folder. You can also share files with specified co-workers so you can collaborate on projects. I you are like me who prefers to have files on the computer (call me a control freak) not to worry you can sync it on your computer too. I know what youre thinking, its available on mobile too. So why tie yourself to your laptop?

Audio/Video Conferencing:

Reading an article by Nefisis got me really thinking on the bygone times of video conferencing. From simple analog conferencing to two closed circuit television systems connected by cable? Really? Then it was The CU-See Me revolution (not my generation sorry) availability first on Mac and later on windows albeit for restricted market and specific segments. Not in Asia I believe.

Fast-forward today from home users to offices with regional presence, schools and education institutions. All need the modern way of communication. With high speed internet access at one’s disposal solutions like Office 365 Skype for Business are one of the better options for either ad hock business meetings or multiparty audio video business meetings. Office 365 Skype for business replaces almost everything. Your phone, your projector, expensive video conferencing units.

Chairing a meeting as a presenter you’re always in control of the meeting with options to mute or unmute all attendees, individual attendee, Block attendees from starting video. Who says it’s not personal, the gallery View shows all the participants’ pictures, or videos, plus meeting content, allowing interactions just like being in a board room, except that you are miles away!

You’re not chained to your desk anymore with that phone which provides IDD calls. It surely is one of best ways of reducing charges on phone bills especially when you travel to overseas branch offices, and you want to stay connected to the head office you work at. 

So if you want to be prudent and yet have the best of technology, you got to try Office 365!