5 ways to be productive at Pokémon Go with Office 365

Earn your productivity badge.

1. Plan your Pokémon journey with Outlook

Maximise your day and plan your route to catching the most Pokémon by setting a clear schedule on your Outlook calendar. Get prompt reminders for catching a Rattata at noon and to-do tasks like visiting Nurse Joy for recuperation in the evening.

2. Share trainer tips and tricks securely on Sharepoint

With enteprise-grade security, only you and your Pokémon trainer buddies have access to your documents. Share and receive the best information on how to evolve your Pidgey and more.

3. Share live updates on where to catch rare Pokémon with Skype for Business

Use the Skype Meeting Broadcast function to keep a conference going among up to 10,000 users, to share the latest information on where the rare Mew 2 or Pikachu can be found. 

4. Collaborate with other trainers on OneNote

It's easier to catch 'em all when you work together. Share real-time information and updated plans on OneNote notebook to strategise your plan for Pokémon-world dominance. Jessie and James will never stand a chance. 

5. Record your Pokémon journey with Sway

Create an amazing story with presentation tool Sway, which generates suggested presentations based on your input content -  a quick and easy way to tell your story of success. 'My Pokémon journey: from Pallet Town to Viridian City'