Tech giants embrace pay-as-you-go models

Businesses are becoming increasingly focused on the flexibility to scale, and this comes with no surprise when you look at the rise in SMBs and start ups in the past decade. Early in 2013, Forbes called out surprising statistics that a near 50% of the population worked in small-medium businesses. And with an unprecedented number of start ups being valuated at USD$1B, an entrepreneurial fever has also hit the market, resulting in a surge of start ups.

There is incredible success tied to scalable businesses and tech giants are changing pricing schemes for both hardware and software, building cloud infrastructure and evolving products into as-a-service models.

It's all about subscription and last week, even enterprise-focused Microsoft took a huge step by announcing Windows Enterprise and Surface as a subscription

We've looked at reasons for SMBs to increase scalability (It’s Time For SMBs To Wield Their Secret Weapon – Cloud Computing), we've seen the means being provided to do so but now the question is:

Are SMBs themselves ready to make the move?