Apple Might Drive The Death Knell To The 'Humble Jack'...

If This Is True, Will Apple Succeed?


Everyone knows about the ubiquitous 3.5mm headphone jack but hardly anyone gives it a second glance.

However, if a rumour which has been going on is anything to go by, it might pave the way for the humble jack to its doom.

Apple is extremely good in being at the frontier of new technologies, a complete re-engineering of the headphone tip is believed to allow the tech behemoth to further slim down its mobile devices. 

Some friends and industry players I have chatted with find that it's implausible.  

Think about it..Apple has been setting megatrends.  It has set records by bulldozing its way. 

It was the first to remove floppy disk drive from its computer system.  It was the first to remove optical disk drive as well.

If Apple has its way again, it might be setting another industry standard by introducing its own connector, which could render the 3.5mm interface to the tech graveyard.

As the industry heats up, it is intriguing to see where this strategy (if it is true) can lead for the 'fruit' company...