The Common Characteristics Between Yoga And Cloud Computing

We live in a fast pace world today.This has resulted in tremendous pressure echoed among employees.
With the flat-organizational structure commonly seen these days, the need to be always-on or constantly available takes a toll.

Adoption of programmes to care for employees, in their state of personal well-being, has caught up in many organizations.

Yoga, a beautiful and holistic form of mental-body contortion exercise provides not just an escape for a city-dense Singapore workforce, but is an art form which exudes grace, charm and flexibility.

Combine yoga and cloud computing, it becomes an oxymoron.  The masses would laugh it off for the hilarious (and incredulous) match.

But wait, practising yoga, a gender-neutral exercise, is said to help an individual sharpen mental well-being, increase flexibility and release tension commonly accumulated around the neck, shoulders and back areas in today’s numerous computer centric occupations.

All these benefits could intertwine with productivity terminologies.  And in some cases, direct correlation could be attributed to the flexible nature of both yoga and cloud computing.

Technology, if used with care, breaths the same life in the corporate context as in yoga to personal wellness.

When put side-by-side with productivity, a quick and concise explanation can go some way to connect the relationship between the two. 

Below, I provide some quick pointers where they meet…

  • Sharepoint and Exchange Servers.  These were previously offered as standalone on-premise, server-based products but are now available within the umbrella of Office 365, a cloud computing eco-system.  This provides flexibility in user adoption and cost efficiency.
  •  Office 2016.  The ubiquitous Office suite of productivity applications is available within Office 365.  Besides being flexible, it reduces the hassles of procurement.
  •  Prior to cloud, each Office 2016 could only be installed in a single physical device.  With Office 365, it could be deployed on multiple devices.  This is charming to many users for upfront cost savings

All these point to the flexibility cloud computing or Office 365 can offer.

Still, most people deem technology and yoga to be the most incompatible pair.  There are stressed out corporate netizens signing up for digital detox programme, some with a central theme in yoga exercises


What is behind this phenomenon? 

A key contributing factor could be the changing user behaviour and may not linked directly to a person’s job.

We see many people glued to their electronic devices in public areas.  Many play games or swipe social media networks.  All these could lead to excessive usage of technology and result in unnecessary stress.

To some extent, blaming the stress we face at work (or at technologies) is not quite right.

If majority of users tweak their computing habits a little, a fair amount of stress could be mitigated.


Nonetheless, it is also recommended to incorporate some form of exercises in our routines.

X’mas and New Year is around the corner. Wish all readers a healthier 2018.

Keep Calm, Practise Yoga

Gary Tan