We have no ceiling when it comes to talents!


The secret affirmation of "We are unlimited beings. We have no ceiling. The capabilities and the talents and the gifts and the power that is within every single individual that is on this planet, is unlimited." Are there any limits to this?

Recruitment process can turn out to be an unforeseen calamity for most Hiring Managers. What we see often are just the tip of an iceberg of most organization when it comes to finding the right top talent that fits an organization. What we seldom notice is it can be downright frustrating and surmounting challenges to overcome with of course floods of emails with cosmetic resumes what more to say lack of commitment are like a dime a dozen experienced by most Hiring Managers. Going back to the earlier question "Are there any limits to these?". Absolutely not.

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Embracing changes of an organization's hiring process has to consistently be evolved to the current trend with innovative. Methods that may have worked very well in the 80's or 90's no longer works in this era.I am simply fascinated with the tools Microsoft introduced-- bringing forth a whole new ball game when it comes to this aspect making selection process much easier on a higher level.

You might have already known from last year's news of Microsoft's acquisition of Linkedin . An amazing integration I've observed recently in enabling Hiring Managers to:

1.  Hire the right people

2. Set up employees for success

3. Drive operations excellence

This tool is known as Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talents is something worth trying as it surely do provide exceptional experiences across the talent journey—from attracting the right people with native LinkedIn tools to employee onboarding, engagement, and growth.

Watch this video to understand further on this unique productive tool. You can start your digital transformation by clicking here.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for talent, it is so much easier now for Hiring Managers to find, interview, and hire the right people.

  • Simplify candidate evaluation with visibility into LinkedIn profiles throughout the hiring process
  • Improve communication with native integration to LinkedIn InMail and mobile feedback capabilities
  • Streamline interviews using Office 365 to coordinate calendars and set appointments

Not to mentioned instead of what once known as a mundane process, it is now simply exciting and fun procedures when we have the right tools in talent search. There are indeed no ceilings when it comes to talents be it in the perspective as a recruiter or a candidate! I do believe this can cut the mustard in finding a suitable candidate aligned with the common visions and missions for any organization.  After all work is worship....