Just Swipe it to shift it


Here's how simple and interesting this amazing Apps works on either iOS or Android mobile devices.

As a Manager: All you have to do is to create, update and manage shift schedules for the team.

Employees view their upcoming shifts at a glance on their mobile device and can request to swap a shift with someone else.


Wondering which apps is this ?

It is known as Microsoft Staffhub. This app  makes it easy to do all these and more especially when you need to convey some messages or assign tasks that needs immediate attention.

Why do I like this apps so much?

For one it's to cater mates who are working away from office  or always in the move away from their PC's or laptops and the coolest part is when the task is done, the joy of having simply just to swipe it to mark it as completed. Ahh! :) 

As a manager, I easily and quickly distribute important informations to my  team, such as sharing important documents, news or videos. It is simply fast and reliable way to communicate to my team members.

Now you might be wondering how to get started with this or perhaps you already have this function but didn't know it was there. 

Below are few things you need to take note of:

  • StaffHub is available as part of the Office 365 K1, E1, E3 and E5 plans (including the Education version of these plans).
  •  It is currently available in the following 15 languages: Chinese-Simplified, English (U.S.), Spanish, Russian, Japanese, French, Brazilian-Portuguese, German, Korean, Italian, Chinese-Traditional, Dutch, Turkish, Swedish and Danish.
  • Each team member and manager using Microsoft StaffHub must have an Office 365 account.

Get it now

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Happy  Swipe it to Shift It. Enjoy testing out this apps and ciao for now.. .