Review of SuperVPN App. Part 2.

Screenshot (17).png

In my previous blog, I shared about the concept of VPN (Virtual Private Network) app.  If you have not read it, please click here.

I test another VPN to find out its genuine capabilities or if it is another potential dud.

According to app store, Super VPN by SuperVPN Inc has a 4.6 star rating, with over 5 million downloads and slightly over 92,000 reviews.  (About two weeks ago when I checked, the review number was at 82,000!)

Comments from users are fairly neutral to overly positive.  As a consumer, I always maintain some dose of scepticism when it comes to reviews.

I conducted two basic tests; one without VPN to get an idea what information from my access is disclosed.  Another with VPN established.  Both tests were carried out on the same connection to the internet from my android phone.

These two screen shots below show connection without VPN.

These are fine as there is no VPN in the first place.

These are fine as there is no VPN in the first place.

These screen shots below show connection with SuperVPN.  This VPN app shows it masks the identities correctly.


From these tests, SuperVPN should be quite safe compared to the previous one.  However, what is safe today does not automatically mean the app is safe in future.  It would be recommended to test it again.  Test site at IP Leak.Net.