Samsung Product and Service Review…

Recently, I had the opportunity to experience the product and service level of a Samsung Smart TV which was bought about three years ago.

While watching TV programms one evening, a low ‘pop’ sound was heard and the TV screen turned dark.

A quick check at Samsung’s website that same evening for a service number to call and surprisingly, I was able to get through to a customer service officer for assistance. (If this was AI chatbot in the works, it was impressive!)

A quick diagnostic over the phone indicated that the warranty of the Smart TV would end in July 2018. After determining the support level needed, an appointment for a technician site visit was arranged for a morning slot between 0900hrs to 1200hrs, four days from when the call was logged in.

So far, service has been quick and fuss-free.

When the day arrived, and as I had personally encountered no-show situations for onsite support before, I initiative via livechat at Samsung corporate website 30 mins in the allotted time slot when there was no reminder to ensure that the appointment was in good stead. (Such reminders are quite commonplace these days and it is usually helpful to service providers as well endusers, in case the latter had to cancel an appointment but had forgotten to call or informed beforehand.)

After a round of verification over livechat, the customer service personnel confirmed that the appointment was good to go and a call would be made to me before technician arrival.

At around 1130hrs, the call came and the service personnel showed up about half an hour later.

As a brief fault description was provided during the initial call few days ago, several spare parts, like PCBs were brought along. A quick examination after opening up the back cover of the TV indicated burned fuse as black marks were visible and also on another neighbour component.


An identical motherboard which the technician had brought along was swiftly replaced.

After another few steps to test that the replaced parts worked and ensured that the screen came to live.


There was a pleasant surprise toward the end of this service process.

Besides signing a service order sheet, the technician, who was in his 70s, presented two gifts for me. A black Samsung remote-control holder and a MRT card!


Considering the competitiveness of the consumer electronics market, this is indeed a very nice gesture from Samsung to retain their customers.