When it comes to technology, which 90s TV show character are you?

Super Mario Brothers. Luigi (left) and Mario (right)

Super Mario Brothers. Luigi (left) and Mario (right)

Find your 90s technology persona!

A lot has changed over the past 20 years, making it hard to keep up with all the ways advances in cloud technology impact small businesses like yours. Ready to see where you stand?

The following statistics describe how SMBs experience the cloud today. Read each statement and select the answer most similar to your response to determine which 90s TV character best represents your technology persona (and learn why so many companies your size are embracing the cloud):

By 2020, 78% of small businesses will have fully adopted cloud computing.
— Intuit, “The Appification of Small Business,” April 15, 2015.


a)     Code red; the cloud’s perfect for small business, why isn’t it 100% adoption?

b)     Cloud solutions never work right for SMBs. They need custom-built solutions.

c)      I’ve started a movement to bring back the abacus.



a)     Not surprising. Cloud security is becoming the gold standard.

b)     I bet the security enhancements were added in addition to the cloud.

c)      They only THINK they’re safe because they can’t see all the way up to the cloud.

As a result of moving to the cloud, 94% of small businesses report security benefits
— Microsoft, “Cloud Security, Privacy and Reliability Trends Study,” June 2013.

Over 80% of companies reduced costs as a result of utilizing cloud technology
— Intuit, “Appification of Small Business 2016,” August 26, 2016.


a)     Makes sense, the cloud helps stop the hemorrhaging caused by outdated equipment.

b)     If they really wanted to maximize their ROI, they would have built it themselves.

c)      There are cloud giants that eat data, and you don’t have to pay for what they eat.



If you answered mostly…



You’re like Dr. Greene from ER.

You boldly, rationally, calmly embrace technology.







Tim (right) with Al (left) from Home Improvement TV show.

Tim (right) with Al (left) from Home Improvement TV show.


You’re like Tim “The Toolman” Taylor from Home Improvement.

You think you can still do it all yourself.



You’re like Phoebe from Friends.

You have entertaining theories people love to hear.



However you view the role of cloud technology in your business today, we can help you get what you need out of it. WE WOULD LOVE TO SCHEDULE 15-20 MINUTES to discuss how your business runs and what you’d like to be able to do differently.


Based on our conversation, we’ll share ideas about how we might help you save time and money and you can let us know if you want to keeping talking. Either way, we promise no data-eating giants.