Before You Hop Onto The Cloud Bandwagon, Consider These Factors First

Author: Derick Khoo

Being on cloud definitely has a lot of benefits, especially for businesses who are open and receptive to it. Apart from making huge cost savings, there are also other benefits such as agility, flexibility and the ability to innovate quickly.

Nonetheless, even with such promising benefits, it does not mean that you should rush to migrate your entire business to the cloud. There is a lot of planning during this transformation. To help you with it, here are some tips to consider before implementing the cloud solutions.

1. Make sure your IT and business priorities are aligned

Both the IT and the business segment need to align their priorities and come into an agreement. This include the different phases, timeline as well as expected results of the project. Even though it may seem obvious, it may come as a surprise to know that many IT projects commence without clear and measurable KPIs for the business impact.

 2. Be more careful with your legacy systems

One of the key reasons in driving cloud adoption is their simplicity and speed of implementation. New applications can be provisioned within minutes, and hundreds of users can be onboarded without much hassle. However, this is only true largely for new projects. As you try to integrate the cloud solutions with your legacy systems, the situation may not be as simple and direct. Understand the risks involved with migrating an existing core business system, and put a proper plan in place. Hence, it’s probably easier to initially focus on new projects which have a direct positive impact on customer engagement instead.

3. Sign up for free trials first

The buying process has evolved over the years. Before contacting a vendor, you would have definitely done a lot of research online for the best cloud solution. The good thing is that most cloud solution providers today offer free trials to help you assess their solutions and see if it is a good fit for your business. An example is a free trial for Microsoft’s Office 365, a cloud solution which boosts your productivity with reliable access anywhere with services like email, calendar, file sharing, online conferencing, instant messaging, and Office Online.

4. Be flexible and learn quickly

Speed is of the essence, particularly in the ever-evolving IT industry which transforms rapidly. While it is important to have a clear plan with defined objectives and milestones, it is also imperative to adopt an open and flexible mindset. Even though this may not sit well with some IT professionals, reality beckons that the world is changing so quickly that these detailed plans may appear obsolete even before they are completed. It is hence important to start somewhere, experiment, fail quickly and embrace a learning culture as you scale the business. That being said, there are definitely areas very deserving of your attention, particularly where data security is concerned. Hence, trust the vendor you ultimately select.

These are some notable factors worth considering before you begin your cloud journey! Ultimately, to truly experience the great benefits yourself, sign up for a free trial today!